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Future of Agency’s land and property assets confirmed by Government

26 August 2011

The South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) has welcomed the Government’s announcement today, which confirms the transfer of the Agency’s land and property assets to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). SEEDA has always stated that it wanted a future model of ownership whereby sites are developed to maximise local economic outcomes and where local partners are able to influence decisions and the transfer and the stewardship arrangements with the HCA includes both of these aims.

The published list includes property which SEEDA has successfully developed attracting investment and creating jobs and benefits for the local communities, along with other sites where the potential for job-creation has yet to be fully realised.

Oona Muirhead, Chief Executive of the South East England Development Agency, said:

“Investment in the physical infrastructure needed to support businesses and communities to grow and become more profitable has been a priority for SEEDA throughout its lifetime.   Much has been achieved and recent successes include securing LXB Retail last year to develop a mixed-use scheme on the Queenborough & Rushenden site, and the 650 jobs that this investment will create. Another example is the 400 hi-tech jobs which will be created on the Isle of Wight through attracting the building of an international class R&D Centre for off-shore wind turbines, which has now led to Vestas’ agreement with Peel Ports in North Kent.  These investments can take years to produce results, and there is much work still to be done to unlock the economic potential of large and complex sites such as Daedalus in Gosport/Fareham.   

“The transfer of our assets and liabilities under a stewardship arrangement to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), along with our staff with their extensive experience and skills, will allow the HCA to carry forward SEEDA’s work in conjunction with local partners, and to achieve the best for businesses and local communities in the South East in developing and disposing of these assets.

“We are pleased that the potential for job-creation in the South East has also been acknowledged through the establishment of three Enterprise Zones in the region, including one encompassing the marine and aerospace sectors at Daedalus. “   

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