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SEEDA highlights the positive in response to latest survey results

27 January 2009

More than half of firms in the South East believe the business climate will get worse over the next year, but SEEDA’s Paul Lovejoy has highlighted the South East’s need for a dynamic approach.

In an interview with BBC South East, Paul Lovejoy, Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, focused on the South East’s strengths.

"This is the region that currently exports more than any other region in the UK,” he said. “It’s actually responsible for almost the largest proportion of manufacturing output; [we have] very successful businesses and very strong competitive sectors across the region. Although it’s a very tough period to trade through, long term prospects for the South East look very strong."

His comments follow the release of the Ipsos Mori survey commissioned by SEEDA, which found 48% of firms in Kent, 51% in West Sussex, 57% in East Sussex, and 59% in Surrey think things will get worse in 2009.

The programme highlighted that according to SEEDA, Kent and East Sussex are among the best performing counties in the South East, and that SEEDA is nursing the South East through the recession.

View the full BBC article report here.

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